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Look lock industry leap from the locks base for the development of

2015/9/2 10:15:48    from:admin    click count:11378
View lock industry big leap
        Historical locks can be traced back 5,000 years ago appear wooden lock, after centuries of development in the long years, with the continuous development and progress of human society, lock the purpose and scope has been expanded, which forcing people to pay attention to the lock industry, the development of production, while many people in the lock of the invention also enables making the lock industry began to prosper, as civilized society to make a positive contribution.
        China's current production of major products series of locks padlocks, ball locks, bike motorcycle locks, industrial locks, car locks, train locks, lock with instruments of torture, process Memorial lock, hotel locks, etc., thousands of varieties, constitute our existing lock system.
        With the rapid development of science and technology, especially microelectronics biological information technology widely used in all walks of life, so lock industry is moving with high technical content, security and strong direction. In the late 1980s, lock industry ushered in a new period of development, the development of the industry to adapt to other people's lives and needs of handsome in appearance, mechanical and electrical integration locks for supporting scalable managed hotel, have card "black box" function, tc card, tm card locks and other advanced intelligent locks.
        In recent years, the emergence of fingerprint lock, reliability, security, his use, convenience represents the most advanced level of China's lock industry in a leading position in the international arena. Using fingerprint recognition technology in vivo, each lock can store 700 fingerprints, can query the nearest unlocked 8000 records, recognition speed less than 1 second, voice guidance, operation is very simple, but also to avoid the traditional mechanical locks, identification card lock key loss and theft. Has been widely used in finance, insurance, hotels, office buildings, and equipment management and other occasions. And advanced biometric technologies grafting lock voice, iris and face recognition access control system, in order to improve people's living standards, promote the development of other industries have made outstanding contributions.
        Technology advances, lock in reform and innovation, locks as life necessities, safety protection of God, though the market is quite mature now, but you can not foresee will be a drop in the industry, there must be a home door, a door must lock. Meanwhile, locks with the development of electronic technology, life skills, although the use of function continue to improve, but also as the main mechanical components will always be there. Therefore, the lock industry not only to study the application of new technologies, but also to continue to study and constantly change the traditional mechanical lock body.